Why TonySqrd?

Because my first and last name are the same.  If this isn’t a good joke, then I don’t know what is? Also, my good friends call me that.

What is the purpose of this site?

I like a good laugh… and life is sort.  I get a bunch of emails from friends and I decided why not share the laughter with everyone. I select the ones I like and I post them here.

When I was in school, I used to write jokes on a piece of paper. I remember unfolding that little piece of paper from my back pocket and laughing for five minutes before I even managed to tell the joke.  I still do that. I ruin the joke 50% of the time but my buddies laugh anyway.  I have an “off” sense of humor so expect the unexpected.

Yet another site with jokes?

Nope, not another site. This is MY site!

Politics,  starvation, economy, diseases, wars; Why not write about that?

Maybe I already do smart arse; not on this site though. This one is for jokes.

Don’t you have anything else better to do?

Yes, I do; more than you do. But this is for you dummy!

What’s next?

I do not know; probably more fun stuff, some YouTube videos… who knows.

How often will you post a joke?

I will have at least one joke every week. I will need your help to post more.

Why the advertising on this site?

I am experimenting. Look towards your right (or bottom if you are mobile). Do you see something you like?  Click it!

 How can I leave you a comment?

Use the comments section in each post… for what else, to leave comments! (comments are moderated).

I have some good jokes. Can I post them to your site?

If you have a good joke to share, use the contact Tony form/link to send it to me and I will post it here. Put your nickname in that form if you want me to give you credit for the joke.  Try to keep it clean.